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Carpet is both pretty and practical

Carpet adds warmth, comfort, and elegance to a home and, as technology improves, it just keeps getting better and better. Colors, patterns, and styles are always expanding, and new functionality is frequently introduced.

Cottingham Tile Co. developed its great reputation by working with builders and homeowners in the Pensacola and Gulf Breeze areas.

We not only have a fully stocked inventory, but we also have some of the most professional and experienced installers around. You’ll be especially amazed when you walk into a flooring store and see the many types of carpet.

When you visit us, be sure to ask about our estimates. Our showroom is in Gulf Breeze, FL. and we service Pensacola, Santa Rosa County, Escambia, and Pensacola Beach.

Carpet can reduce or even eliminate noise by:

  • Eliminating muffled phone conversations, footsteps, tapping, beeping and echoes. It acts as a cushion to block these noises out.

Sometimes even a hard surface flooring can seem a little noisy and that’s because there’s nothing to catch vibrations. The solution is easy: add a rug to absorb the noise.
Luxury carpet in Gulf Breeze, FL from Cottingham Tile Co.
  • Absorbing shock. Very often, especially when you’re walking a shopping mall, your feet and legs will start to ache. Nothing but your body is around to take the jolt, but a soft surface will.
  • Saving energy. It’s a poor heat conductor and retains heat or cool.
  • Increasing safety. It provides traction so if anyone runs they can stop before turning and bumping into a wall. That can cause serious injury. If someone does fall, it’s better to land on a soft surface than a hard one.
  • Improving indoor air quality. When carpet is vacuumed, the undesired particles get trapped in the fibers where they’ll remain until professionally cleaned. Studies have also shown that this can have a positive impact on someone with allergies or asthma, says the Carpet & Rug Institute.

Don’t skimp,protect your investment and your flooring

  • Have it professionally installed? This installation requires special tools, skills, and some subfloor preparation.
  • Just as the rug protects the floor, padding protects the soft surface. Don’t skimp and ask the retailer about the best padding for your carpet.
  • Have it professionally cleaned at least every 12 to 18 months? Vacuuming only gets the surface dirt, and the manufacturer warranty probably requires it to keep the protection from being voided.