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High-end style, budget-friendly price=luxury vinyl plank

It’s no surprise that we’re seeing luxury vinyl plank in some of the most chic, sophisticated homes. This stylish product answers every consumer's needs.

Cottingham Tile Co. developed its great reputation by working with builders and homeowners in the Pensacola and Gulf Breeze areas. We not only have a fully stocked inventory, but we also have some of the most professional and experienced installers around.

Vinyl flooring was introduced in the 1930s and every retailer praised it for its functionality; it was durable, waterproof and easy to clean.

It was lacking in design options, though, but technology has transformed it into a luxury flooring product.

Our showroom is in Gulf Breeze, FL. and we service Pensacola, Santa Rosa County, Escambia, and Pensacola Beach. Be sure to ask about our estimate.

Walk into a flooring store...

You’ll be overwhelmed at how this product looks so much like authentic wood. First, the images are printed with 3-D photography so everything’s ultra-clear including the knots, raised grains, veinings, and vibrant colors.

Then, the vinyl is cut into strips and mounted on a board to mimic a plank. You have the luxury of choosing from an assortment of embossing options, including wire-brushed, hand-scraped, distressed and antiqued textures.
Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring in Pensacola Beach, FL from Cottingham Tile Co.
Want to get extra creative? Add a high-gloss finish and you’ll have wood floors that look like they came right out of a magazine.

Some people also use the plank-form to mimic stone, as they feel the larger format with fewer seams makes it look more like a slab directly from the quarry. Marble baths are hot right now, so if you want the luxury, but not the price, go with this vinyl product.

Waterproof makes a big difference

Timber can be damaged by excess water, so it can be limited in installation. For instance, it’s not recommended for use in bathrooms where there is so much water and moisture.

If you’ve always wanted a bath with a sauna or cabin feel, now you can have it with vinyl.

Other benefits include:
  • Easy installation. In most cases, it can be placed directly over the subfloor. The pieces just click together. This is one flooring product that you can DIY.
  • Simple cleanability. All you need is a mop and a broom.
  • Durability. It’s often recommended for homes with kids and/or pets.