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Why Floridians love tile:

There are many terrific things about tile floors, but one of the big benefits is the tile's ability to transfer heat. As long as the floor is cooler, or hotter, than the foot, you will feel it. Therefore, when a room is chilly, that feeling gets transferred to the body.

Cottingham Tile Co. developed a big reputation by working with builders and homeowners in the Pensacola and Gulf Breeze areas. We not only have a fully stocked inventory, but we also have some of the most professional and experienced installers around.

There are many kinds of tile appropriate for flooring but be sure that to the right grade for floor use; some are made only for wall use.

We invite you to visit us and be sure to ask about our estimates. Our showroom is in Gulf Breeze, FL. and we service Pensacola, Santa Rosa County, Escambia, and Pensacola Beach.

Three kinds of tile for flooring use

  • Ceramic tiles come in virtually every color, shape, size, pattern and design.

This includes mosaics, those small patterned tiles reminiscent of Greek and Roman floors. Even subway tiles, those formerly all-white 3X6 rectangular bricks, now come in shapes from round to oval and colors such as teal, purple, green, black and more.
Ceramic tile flooring in Escanbia, FL from Cottingham Tile Co.
Ceramics are strong, but thin, and must be glazed to be waterproof. Homeowners often use them to create backsplashes and accent walls, as well as inserts on countertops.

  • Porcelain. A type of ceramic, the composition also includes sand and glass to make it heavier and more durable. It’s often used on kitchen and bathroom floors where there’s a lot of wear and tear. This tile can be made to look like anything from wood to stone and leather.

It’s especially popular as a mimic for marble and other stones, as the larger format/fewer seams make it look similar to a slab.

Porcelain is always waterproof and even appropriate for outdoor use.

Glass tile for shimmer, shine, and sparkle

The sparkly jewels come from landfills; the glass is recycled and hand-crafted into various shapes from the more traditional square to the diamond.

They are durable, stain and mold resistant and easy to care for. They can scratch easily so best to use them in low traffic areas. They can be pricey, so if budget is a concern, simply use two or three as accents.