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Four reasons to love wood look porcelain

Cottingham Tile Co. developed its great reputation by working with builders and homeowners in the Pensacola and Gulf Breeze areas. We not only have a fully stocked inventory, but we also have some of the most professional and experienced installers around.

Right now, wood, especially in tile-form, is trending especially hot and we invite you to visit us. Be sure to ask about our estimates.

Our showroom is in Gulf Breeze, FL. and we service Pensacola, Santa Rosa County, Escambia, and Pensacola Beach.

Why porcelain?

Porcelain is a type of ceramic, but it includes sand and sometimes glass in its makeup. It’s also fired at higher temperatures than ceramic tiles.

It's thicker and more durable and often the choice for flooring in kitchens, baths, and hallways where foot traffic can be high.

It stands up to weather, so feel free to use it in outdoor applications, such as on deck and patio floors.
Ceramic tile flooring in Escanbia, FL from Cottingham Tile Co.

Form + Function=wood look tile

This is a tile that has been cut into planks to mimic wood. It’s printed with digital photography, so this technology gives it a very similar appearance and texture of genuine wood, with all the functionality of tile.

With the wide assortment of colors, patterns, and species, there's virtually something for every decor. Builders only use porcelain not only as flooring but also on shower walls, tub surrounds and exterior walls. Simply, it can be used anywhere, and you'll be amazed when you walk into a store.

Porcelain can also be made to look like anything, including steel, stone, brick, bamboo, leather and many other building materials. Other reasons to love it include:

  • Waterproof capability. This gives it more versatility since these tiles can often go where wood cannot, such as the bathroom, widely known as the “wettest room in the house.” Now you can have that sauna or cabin style.
  • Durability. It’s not common, but if you do break one, you just replace the broken tile, not the entire floor.
  • Easy care. It’s naturally stain-resistant and water-resistant, as well as non-porous, so all you need to do is a damp mop. Be aware, however, that grout is porous and must be sealed.

Please be sure to tell the retailer exactly how you plan to use the porcelain, as there can be different grades for flooring and walls.